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Welcome to the most ancient, beneficial and ageless practice of wellness, Yoga. It has the power to make you glow with robust health inside-out. Glow Yoga takes you to an unparalleled true experience to find your inner peace and have better control over your senses. 

Our instructors who are the lifeblood of every class, are certified experts in Yoga with long years of learning and practice to ensure that every pose is convenient to your state in tranquil relaxing ambiance. They enjoy supporting students throughout their spiritual journey to bring a change to your stressful life. Glow Yoga is a sacred haven for everyone who wants to enjoy a life changing journey. We welcome joiners with all ages and sizes offering them a variety of yoga, meditations and other healing modalities to support and deepen their practice.


So, if you want an escape from daily turmoil, start now and practice yoga at Glow Yoga.

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"Yoga classes have never been so affordable. Do yoga anywhere, anytime, and as much as you like"

What we offer to you

Yoga For Customers From Hospitality Industry

Long hours, late nights, pumped with adrenaline and caffeine, dehydrated, on your feet all day and always maintaining a perfectly smiley demeanor! Nice relaxing yoga practice is highly needed to balance all of this hecticness.

Yoga For Kids

More Yoga .. Less Screen Time! Improved balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility are all skills that kids can gain from a routine practice of yoga. Aside from physical health benefits, yoga can also have a huge impact on mindfulness and mental health.

Yoga For Schools

Practicing yoga daily in school facilitates improvement in mental, social, and physical wellbeing, minimizing self-destructive behaviors in the classroom and reducing stress among students.

Yoga For All

Yes, yoga is meant to be for EVERYONE irrespective of any differences! Just feel the joy of freshness and wholesomeness through yoga classes. At Glow Yoga, we ensure a happy, healthy and glowing you. If you haven't started yet now is the time to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises. You are young or old, overweight or fit, we train you to be the perfect you.

Yoga For Corporates

Spending most of your time working behind desks in front of the blue screens?!! Definitely, you’ll be suffering from general stiffness, neck pain or bacakache, joint pains. Yoga is the greatest aid to ward off stress, anxiety, other off-shoots and improve performance in your profession. Add to this, enhancing the mental and physical well-being of the workplace and increasing levels of concentration, memory, learning and creativity.

Yoga For Ladies (Lady Instructors)

Most of the time, women are stressed due to their busy lives, responsibilities, and duties as they looked after everyone around them. Who looks after them?!! The answer will be at Glow Yoga with our stress-free zone for yoga and meditation promoting beauty, health and a long-standing wellness which is to be continued into old age.

Yoga For Ailments (Special Courses)

No matter what ailment you may have, Yoga has the solution for it. With over 5000 asanas/postures, Yoga can help you rejuvenate your organs! Recently scientists have begun to test yoga's effect on serious medical conditions. The result has been impressive enough that investigators expect yoga will soon become part of the standard treatment for a number of disorders. For example:
-Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga
-Yoga For Spondylosis
-Yoga For Diabetics
-Yoga For Back Pain


Check out our Yoga classes and pick your favorite hour that meets your perfect goal.

Hatha – Ladies Only

Yoga For Beginners – Male & Female 

9:00 AM - 1HR

PROP YOGA – Ladies Only 

HATHA – Male & Female

9:00 AM - 1HR
Edward Ward
11:00 AM

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Our trainers are the lifeblood of every class whose main goal is your comfort and satisfaction. They are an inspiring blend of guidance and support, always in a light-hearted carefree atmosphere.
Malik Khan
Maria Peterson
Yoga Therapist
Lena Gronholm
Pilates Instructor
Edward Ward

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